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Undas 2011: Marikina Traffic Rerouting Scheme Announced

Undas 2011: Marikina Traffic Rerouting Announced
The traffic rerouting scheme in Marikina will start on October 30 and end on November 2, 2011. (Credit:
The traffic rerouting for All Saints’ Day 2011, aka Undas, has been announced. Marikina has recently released the traffic scheme that they have been implementing for the past 15 years in the areas near the Loyola Memorial Park and other cemeteries in Marikina. The traffic rerouting is as a follows:
  • Marikina traffic rerouting starts at 12 noon of October 30.
  • One-way traffic scheme on the stretch of A. Bonifacio Avenue will be implemented as early as 12 noon of October 30: only vehicles going to Marikina from Quezon City will be allowed.
  • Motorists going outside Marikina through Quezon City are advised to take Marcos Highway via Gil Fernando Ave. or old J.P. Rizal Street.
  • One-way traffic rerouting scheme ends at 12 noon on November 2.
Meanwhile, the PNP has advised the public that the following will be prohibited inside the cemeteries and memorial parks: liquor, pointed objects, playing cards or any object used in gambling, firearms, radio, and videoke/karaoke machine.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Clinton: U.S. would negotiate with Taliban leader

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton testifies before the House Foreign Affairs Committee on Thursday.Washington (CNN) -- Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Thursday the United States would be willing to negotiate with the leader of Afghanistan's Taliban if he met conditions that have been laid out.
Testifying at a hearing of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Clinton did not dismiss the prospect when asked by Rep. Steve Chabot, R-Ohio, whether reconciliation talks with the Taliban and other insurgents would include talking with Taliban leader Mullah Omar.
"You don't make peace with your friends," she said, speaking days after concluding a weeklong trip that included stops in both Afghanistan and Pakistan.
There first would have to be a demonstrated willingness on the Taliban's part to negotiate and to meet the conditions already laid out for joining negotiations, she said.
"We have been clear," she had told the committee earlier, "about the necessary outcomes of any negotiation: Insurgents must renounce violence, abandon al Qaeda, and abide by the constitution of Afghanistan, including its protections for women and minorities. If insurgents cannot meet those red-lines, they will face continued and unrelenting assault."
But she said it is important for an inclusive Afghan-led peace and reconciliation process, in which the parties talk to former insurgents who are ready to renounce violence.
Pressed during questioning about what makes her certain that insurgents will change course and renounce an extremist ideology, Clinton said she is "very realistic," and recognizes not all of them will.
Some 2,500 fighters have already begun the process of reintegrating and have expressed weariness with the Taliban, she said. In that vein, she said, there have been recent threads of intelligence showing a debate in these societies on issues such as letting girls go to school that she finds promising.
Talks have not yet reached the stage where it is known how many insurgents harbor a desire to reintegrate, she said.
Clinton last week disclosed a meeting this past summer between the United States and a representative of the Pakistan-based Haqqani insurgent network at the request of Pakistan's intelligence service. She said such meetings are part of a strategy in which "we want to fight, talk and build all at the same time."
"Part of the reason for that is to test whether these organizations have any willingness to negotiate in good faith," she said. "There's evidence going both ways, to be clear. Sometimes we hear that they will, that there are elements within each that wish to pursue that. And then other times that it's off the table. So I think that with respect to the Haqqani network, it illustrates this point."
In her opening remarks, Clinton said that while "serious challenges" remain, work in both Afghanistan and Pakistan has "yielded significant results," noting that the success of the U.S. presence in the region sometimes gets lost in the public debate.
"Osama bin Laden and many of his top lieutenants are dead," she said. While "the threat remains real and urgent, especially from al Qaeda's affiliates," al Qaeda's ability to conduct operations has been greatly diminished through cooperation on and off the battlefield, she added.
"Many of our successes against al Qaeda would not have been possible without close cooperation between the United States and Pakistan," she said.
In Afghanistan, where security forces still have a long way to go before they can take on added responsibility, and where extreme poverty and corruption remain key challenges going forward, Clinton noted that there are 7 million more children in school a decade after the United States went to war in the country. Nearly 40% of Afghan girls are in school today, she said, a sharp reversal from when the Taliban ruled the country and prohibited girls from attending school.
"Working with our Afghan and Pakistani partners is not always easy, but these relationships are advancing America's national security interests," Clinton said. "And walking away would undermine those interests."
The secretary of state expanded on the "fight, talk, build" strategy that she unveiled on her trip.
As coalition and Afghan forces have increased pressure on the Taliban and Haqqani network operations inside Afghanistan, Clinton said, commanders remain concerned about the ability of these groups to launch attacks on coalition forces from safe havens in Pakistan. In meeting with their counterparts in Pakistan last week, Clinton, CIA Director David Petraeus and the Joint Chiefs chairman, Gen. Martin Dempsey, urged Pakistan to help squeeze the Haqqani network on both sides of the Afghan-Pakistan border.
"We're not suggesting that Pakistan sacrifice its own security. Quite the opposite," Clinton told the House committee, noting the sacrifices the Pakistan military has made in the fight.
Pakistan has a huge stake in getting Taliban and other insurgents to the negotiating table as well, Clinton said, and called on the Pakistanis to do so through public statements and closing off the safe havens inside Pakistan.
"For our part, the United States is working with the Afghan government to conclude a new strategic partnership that will provide a framework for cooperation long after the transition is concluded in 2014," she said. "It will send a strong signal about our enduring commitment to the people of Afghanistan and the future of the region."
The military battle against the Haqqani network continues, Clinton said, with a major military operation in Afghanistan launched last week that captured or killed more than a hundred Haqqani operatives. As the United States steps up its own efforts to pressure the Haqqani network both financially and operationally, Pakistan plays a critical role in ratcheting up pressure on militants operating on its soil, she said.
"We're already working with the Pakistanis to target those who are behind a lot of the attacks against Afghans and Americans," Clinton said. "And I made it very clear to the Pakistanis that the attack on our embassy was an outrage and the attack on our foreign operating base that injured 77 of our soldiers was a similar outrage. And it was in both instances terrible, but the fact is we avoided having dozens and dozens of wounded or killed."
Lt. Gen. Curtis Scaparotti,the deputy commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, told reporters at the Pentagon on Thursday that Pakistani officials have told him "they simply don't have the capacity to take on" the Haqqani network.
But more worrying, he said, may be "indications" seen by coalition forces that Haqqani attacks have originated from locations "in close proximity to some Pakistani outposts."
"I think the collaboration is, at least in some cases, local collaborations with the insurgents, and we talk very bluntly with our Pakistan counterparts about this," Scaparotti said.
Regarding Afghanistan, Clinton addressed questions about the reliability of Afghan President Hamid Karzai following comments last week in which Karzai said he would side with Pakistan if a war between it and the United States ever broke out. She said she asked U.S. Ambassador Ryan Crocker to decipher the meaning behind Karzai's remarks. Those comments, Crocker told her, were "taken out of context and misunderstood," and harkened back to the long history of cooperation between Pakistan and Afghanistan going back to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.
Clinton said she had had a "productive meeting" with Karzai last week in Kabul, one that continued to build on cooperation on fighting insurgents while closely monitoring the success of the Afghan-led reconciliation efforts with insurgents.
As Afghanistan and Pakistan both move to address change in their society, Clinton said religious minority populations must be protected along with women, and racial minorities. "This is one of our biggest problems in the world right now," she said. "There needs to be a greater acceptance of religious tolerance and in so many places there is no history of religious tolerance."
Clinton told the committee it is important to build capacity for sustained economic growth and development in Afghanistan, Pakistan and the rest of the region as a means to building lasting stability and security.
"People need a realistic hope for a better life, a job and a chance to provide for their family," she said. "So it is critical to our broader effort that civilian assistance continues in both Afghanistan and Pakistan."
As the administration works to strengthen oversight and effectiveness of its programs in the region, Clinton told the committee she will be sending a comprehensive status update on civilian assistance to Afghanistan and Pakistan next week that would detail plans for both short-term stabilization and long-term development programs.
As coalition forces draw down their numbers ahead of a planned pullout in 2014, Clinton said, it is important for the United States and its partners to support an Afghan-led economic strategy that will improve agricultural productivity, develop natural resources, increase exports, and strengthen the country's financial sector.
She also noted the importance of promoting trade between Afghanistan, Pakistan and its neighbors through the building of new infrastructure and other ways to move goods that will create new jobs across the region.
As the United States gradually reduces its military footprint in Afghanistan over the next few years, Clinton told the members of Congress, Washington must still remain engaged in the region. "America paid a heavy price for disengaging after the Soviets left in 1989," she said. "We cannot afford to make that mistake again. We have to be smart and strategic. And we have to work together to protect our interests."

Green donors warn Obama: 'Do the right thing' on Keystone pipeline

Opponents of a proposed oil pipeline protest Tuesday near a San Francisco fundraiser attended by President Obama.
Opponents of a proposed oil pipeline protest Tuesday near a San Francisco fundraiser attended by President Obama.
(CNN) -- They're rich, powerful and P.O.'d.
One of them is BFF with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
And they're putting President Obama on notice: stop the Keystone XL oil pipeline or else. Or else what? Well it depends on who you ask.
Take Susie Tompkins Buell, for instance. She's a major Democratic Party fundraiser and co-founder of Esprit clothing company.
This is a woman who's used to hosting political fundraisers and entertaining multimillionaires. She's often described as one of Clinton's closest friends -- donating to her 2008 presidential campaign. Back then, she led a group of holdout Clinton supporters before finally throwing her support to Obama after the '08 Democratic convention.
On Tuesday, Buell could have been rubbing shoulders with the president at a swanky $5,000-a-plate luncheon.
Instead, she joined an estimated 1,000 people out in the street protesting against the pipeline.
"If he doesn't oppose this, I certainly could not get behind him in a big way," she said Thursday. Over the years, she guesses she has raised more than $1 million for Democratic causes and candidates.
Will she be helping out Obama's re-election?
"I'm doing fundraisers for several people coming up in the next few months, but the (Obama campaign) hasn't asked me, and I haven't volunteered -- and I don't know what's to come, I really don't."
Buell wasn't the only rich and powerful political donor at Tuesday's demonstration. Michael Kieschnick, president and co-founder of CREDO Mobile and Working Assets, was there, too.
Obama's decision, he said, "will really be the clearest most unambiguous statement of whether or not he cares about protecting the Earth as he said in his campaign."
Keystone XL is a proposed 1,700-mile pipeline that would carry crude oil from Alberta, Canada, to refineries in Texas. Environmentalists fear the pipeline will poison underground water supplies. Pipeline operator TransCanada says the project would pose no threat, create jobs and spur the sagging economy.
Obama has said the decision whether to begin pipeline construction rests with the State Department, but opponents say the final call is in the president's hands. The administration's decision is expected before the end of the year.
Buell said she's spoken about the Keystone issue recently with her friend the secretary of State at a social gathering a few weeks ago.
"She knows that it's important for the people to speak out," Buell said. In 2010, Clinton said the State Department had not yet completed its analysis of the pipeline's environmental effects, but it was "inclined" to "sign off" on the project.

At the demonstration Buell, who has seven grandchildren, held a poster that said, "Another outraged grandmother against the pipeline."
"I don't say that I know President Obama, but I've had several conversations with him," Buell said. "I feel that the environment is not a priority for him, and it should be."
Obama re-election campaign press secretary Ben LaBolt wouldn't respond directly to Buell's comments, but he did offer a written statement that said, "The president has done more to wean us off of foreign oil and transition the nation to a clean energy economy than any other -- investing in renewable energy and high-speed rail, building a smart grid and reaching a historic agreement with the automakers on fuel economy standards that will save us from importing millions of barrels of oil from the Middle East. When Americans compare the president's record promoting clean energy and America's energy security to those of the leading Republican candidates, who don't even believe that climate change is an issue that we need to address and would cede the clean energy market to China, there will be no question about who will continue our progress."
Political test
The environmental community sees the Keystone pipeline as more than a threat to water in the heartland. They see it as a political test of Obama's 2008 campaign promise to cut U.S. dependence on polluting fossil fuels and to slow climate change. Allowing the project to move forward, they say, makes a statement that the White House is willing to bow to the wishes of the powerful oil industry.
Kieschnick's business has donated $5 million to groups that oppose the pipeline. A self-described "big and enthusiastic" Obama supporter in 2008, Kieschnick said he made $4,400 in personal donations to the president's first campaign.
He also was among 1,200 pipeline protesters who were arrested outside the White House last summer. But Kieschnick hasn't given up hope. He still has a photo of himself with Obama hanging on his office wall.
Ex-Obama environment adviser arrested in pipeline protest
Basically, he says, if the pipeline starts going, the money stops flowing. "I would still vote for him, and I would work to defeat his opponents," Kieschnick said, "but nothing more."
Map of proposed Keystone XL oil pipeline
It's not the first time disgruntled Democrats have threatened to withhold their support for Obama. During debt ceiling negotiations with Congress in July, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee demanded that the president press Congress to raise taxes on higher income earners and protect entitlements -- or else lose the committee's support.
Members of the group threatened not to contribute to or volunteer for the president's re-election campaign unless the White House met its demands.

Last summer, the liberal group, which supported Obama in 2008, expressed frustration with the president over what it said was his inability to hold firm against Republicans in debt ceiling battles and on environmental issues.
Environmentalists acknowledge the White House has made some positive steps, including new vehicle fuel efficiency standards aimed at saving energy and cutting pollution.
But if Obama allows Keystone to go forward, they say there will be political repercussions.
Donors like IT consultant David desJardins say the campaign will have a hard time motivating its base in an election where turnout may be critical. "Even if the Sierra Club says we should still go out and support the president, people will say, 'Why should we do that when he didn't stand up for us when he really had the chance?'"
In 2008, ex-Google software engineer and philanthropist desJardins watched from the audience as Obama delivered his nomination acceptance speech promising to fight climate change and pollution.

Now Keystone offers a chance for "Obama to do the right thing, and then give a great speech about how we need to stop investing in environmental degradation and nonrenewable energy sources and start investing instead in renewable energy," desJardins said. "Then I would certainly be inspired to make a contribution."
Protest organizers admit their message has been overshadowed somewhat by the nationwide Occupy Wall Street protests. But rather than compete for media attention, the two groups have been helping each other to some extent, joining forces at protests and offering moral support, organizers said.
Nonetheless, the anti-Keystone groups are preparing a new demonstration set for November 6, a year before Election Day, when thousands of pipeline opponents plan to form a human circle around the White House.


10 top inventions for 2011

  • In the five years that Popular Science has run the Invention Awards, we’ve seen a lot of remarkable things come out of people’s garages. Some are designed to treat the sick or save the planet. Others are simply fun to play with. But no matter what the purpose, the brilliance of the inventions and the dedication of the individuals behind them are always inspiring.
    This year’s 10 honorees carry on the tradition: a pen that can screen for prenatal diseases for less than a penny, a machine that uses a boat’s exhaust to treat onboard waste, and even a jet-propelled body board light enough to carry from your car to the water. Each of this year’s inventions takes on a different challenge—and solves it in its own ingenious way.
  • The Stark Hand
    Image: A prosthetic hand protoype is cheap, and helps the wearer catch balls and grip wine glasses.
    John B. Carnett  /  Popular Science
    Created by Mark Stark, The Stark Hand prototype provides an ingenious, comfortable, and very inexpensive alternative to the hook his friend Dave Vogt had worn all his life. With the new hand, Dave can now catch balls and grip wine glasses. You can read more about the Stark Hand, and watch the video of its throwing and catching abilities, here.
  • The BodyGuard
    Image: This crime-fighting armored glove has a wrist-mounted stunner and a video camera built in.
    John B. Carnett  /  Popular Science
    David Brown designed The BodyGuard, a crime-fighting armored glove, as built-in self protection. The demo model has a camera, a wrist mounted stunner and lots of room for future improvements. The idea came to David while talking to his friend, Kevin Costner. Check out our full feature, and awesome video, on the BodyGuard here.
  • The PrintBrush
    Image: This lightweight PaintBrush fits in a laptop bag and prints on any flat surface.
    Jonathan Worth  /  Popular Science
    Weighing in at less than a pound, Alex Breton's PrintBrush easily fits in a laptop bag and prints on any flat surface, from wood to fabric to plastic. Alex worked on the project for 11 years, but a version with a bonus built-in camera comes out early next year. Want to see this handheld printer in action? Check out our feature — and video — here.
  • The Katal Landing Pad
    Image: This giant cushion gives snowboarders a soft landing.
    Jussi Grznar  /  Popular Science
    Aaron Coret and his friend Stephen Slen came up with the Katal Landing Pad after Aaron had a nasty snowboarding accident. The board, which was used during the 2010 Winter Olympics, provides a giant cushioned landing for snowboarders and helps make the sport safer. Check out our feature on the Katal Landing Pad, with bonus video interview, here.
  • Dynamic Eye Sunglasses
    John B. Carnett  /  Popular Science
    Unlike regular sunglasses, Chris Mullin's glasses block glare instantly with liquid crystal lenses that darken the most where the sun's light is the brightest. A particularly sunny commute inspired Mullin's invention. Want to see these glasses in action? Check out our feature, and video, here.
  • The Bed Bug Detective
    John B. Carnett  /  Popular Science
    Built to imitate a dog's nose, the Bed Bug Detective sniffs out bedbugs quickly. Chris Goggin plans to create a model that can detect other pests, too, including mice and cockroaches.
    Read more about this bedbug detector here, and check out our video of the sniffer in action.
  • A Prenatal Marker to Screen for Pregnancy Complications
    John B. Carnett  /  Popular Science
    Designed by a college student and his classmates, the Prenatal Screening Kit, or safety pen, helps detect complications in pregnancies at an early stage. The pen will be quite cheap, costing only a third of a cent per use, making it a perfect tool for hospitals in developing nations. Click here for more info on this amazing medical advance.
  • The Zero Liquid Discharge
    Image: The Zero Liquid Discharge vaporizes sewage from boats, airplanes and RVs.
    John B. Carnett  /  Popular Science
    With a pleasant name for a gross procedure, the Zero Liquid Discharge, or ZLD, completely oxidizes and evaporates sewage from boats, airplanes and RVs. After flash evaporation, the waste leaves as a harmless, odorless aerosol. Click here to read more about the ZLD and see a video of its waste-fighting in action.
  • Kymera Motorized Body Board
    Image: The Kymera Body Board — a light, motorized body board.
    John B. Carnett  /  Popular Science
    The lightweight Kymera Body Board is Jason Woods's solution for a timeless problem (for lucky people): how to have fun at the lake without the hassle of lugging a boat around. The latest version of his motorized body board hits speeds of 25 mph. Want to see this part-boat, part-body-board in action? Check out more info (and a video) here.
  • The Medical Mirror
    Image: The Medical Mirror can tell you your heart when you look at it. A webcam behind the mirror captures variations in reflected light on your face, and an algorithm translates that into heartbeats.
    John B. Carnett  /  Popular Science
    While it can't tell you if you're the fairest of them all, the Medical Mirror can tell you your heart rate, which is probably more valuable in the long run anyway. A webcam behind the mirror captures variations in reflected light on your face, and an algorithm translates that into heartbeats. Read more about this futuristic mirror here — there's even a video of it in action.

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The Last Song - by Nicholas Sparks

The Last Song

Seventeen year-old Veronica “Ronnie” Miller’s life was turned upside-down when her parents divorced and her father moved from New York City to Wilmington, North Carolina. Three years later, she remains angry and alienated from her parents, especially her father… until her mother decides it would be in everyone’s best interest if she spent the summer in Wilmington with him. Ronnie’s father, a former concert pianist and teacher, is living a quiet life in the beach town, immersed in creating a work of art that will become the centerpiece of a local church. The tale that unfolds is an unforgettable story about love in its myriad forms – first love, the love between parents and children – that demonstrates, as only a Nicholas Sparks novel can, the many ways that deeply felt relationships can break our hearts… and heal them.

Solar Ship is one fuel-efficient blimp

There is one thing that I like to see in the air, and that is blimps. This Solar Ship makes me like them all the more, because it is one very green thing in the wild blue yonder.
As you might have guessed, the Solar Ship is solar-powered. I’m sure you know that blimps stay in the air because the helium makes them lighter than air, but something has to propel them. Why not have solar-powered lithium-ion battery that fuels the propellers?
The Solar Ship can travel up to 600 miles with two tons of payload. You can watch a video of it after the jump, and you can see that it doesn’t require too long of a runway for takeoff and landings. This is important for situations for when you need a craft that can land in tight spots, like areas hit by a natural disaster. Sometimes you just need to be airlifted out, and the Solar Ship is the craft to do it, and probably more fuel-efficient than a helicopter.
As you can see from the video, the Solar Ship is a working craft, but the company won’t be doing public demonstrations until next year. By then, the Solar Ship will be in three different sizes, but I don’t have any word on how much cargo they can bear.

Sportiiiis puts warning lights on your glasses

What you are seeing here is essentially a way of turning any pair of eyeglasses into a heads-up display (HUD).
It might not be as effective as one of those video goggles by Vuzix or Myvu, but what you see in the image aren’t really designed for watching videos on the go. These Sportiiis sacrifice video detail for effect, as there are seven colored LEDs that light up and flash as a warning to the user.
For example, if the user can connect to existing performance monitors like pedometers or heart rate chest straps that use the ANT+ protocol, it can light up in response depending on the level of activity. Like if you reach your optimal heart rate, you will get a green LED. I suppose that you will get a yellow LED if you are above or below your target.
For some reason, my Source only talks about how these Sportiiiis can be used for athletic activities, but I don’t see why other uses can’t happen as well. For example, could a blue light come on when I have a call, then I would answer it with my Bluetooth headset. See? I thought of that, just now.
The Sportiiiis should be available in November for about $199. By the way, it is Sportiiiis with 4 i’s, like Mississippi. Unlike the old joke, it has four i’s and it can see, at least some things.

Remote Control Illuminated Moon

Some of us during our younger days, when wooing a person of the opposite gender, we would promise the other party all sorts of things – just like politicians do, and most of the time we are unable to fulfill those promises. Among such promises might include the moon and the stars, but here is a chance for you to redeem yourself – never mind the number of years which has passed since then. The £24.99 Remote Control Illuminated Moon could be the answer to your problems – and it is also a suitable night light for young kids.
The name of the device gives the game away, where it will help you keep track of the moon’s phases, never mind if clouds already gathered around the moon to blot out its silvery light. All you need to do is mount this authentic moonscape on your wall, and it is ready to go – where it has been specially programmed to cycle through the phases similar to that of the actual moon. Want to turn it off? Just use the handy remote and switch it off, and if you forget to do so, it has an automatic shut-off function as well. It needs no reflection from the sun, but rather, is powered by a quartet of AA batteries.

Nights In Rodanthe - by Nicholas Sparks

Nights In Rodanthe

Book Description:
At forty-five, Adrienne Willis must rethink her entire life when her husband abandons her for a younger woman. Reeling with heartache and in search of a respite, she flees to the small coastal town of Rodanthe, North Carolina, to tend to a friend's inn for the weekend. But when a major storm starts moving in, it appears that Adrienne's perfect getaway will be ruined -- until a guest named Paul Flanner arrives. Paul has just sold his medical practice and comes to Rodanthe to escape his own shattered past. Now, with the storm closing in, two wounded people will turn to each other for comfort -- and in one weekend, set in motion feelings that will resonate throughout the rest of their lives.

Message In A Bottle - by Nicholas Sparks

Message In A Bottle

Book Description:
When a divorced mother, Theresa Osborne, finds a romantic letter in a bottle on the beach, she is intrigued. It expresses undying love for a woman called Catherine. Theresa is drawn to find the writer, Garrett, and begins a search that takes her to a coastal town and an unexpected confrontation.

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Fastest Cars In The World: Top 10 List 2011-2012

Fastest Cars In The World: Top 10 List 2011-2012

Bugatti Veyron

1. Bugatti Veyron: 267 mph, 0-60 in 2.5 secs. Aluminum, Narrow Angle 8 Liter W16 Engine with 1200 hp, base price is $1,700,000. The Super Sport version is $2,400,000. The speed was tested again on July 10, 2010 with the new 2010 Super Sport Version: the Bugatti Veyron once again claims the title of the fastest car in the world at 267 mph.

Koenigsegg Agera

2. Koenigsegg Agera R: 260 mph, 0-60 in 2.8 secs. 5.0-liter V8 Engine with twin turbo’s, housing 1099 hp. Base price is $1,600,000. If you're into snow sports, the Agera R can be fitted with a Ski Box as well as winter tires, not that I would take one on a ski trip or anything like that. While the Agera R has a massive theoretical top speed, the current tested top speed is 260 mph. Expect this snow car to be the Bugatti's arch enemy for the next 5 years.

SSC Ultimate Aero

3. SSC Ultimate Aero: 257 mph, 0-60 in 2.7 secs. Twin-Turbo V8 Engine with 1183 hp, base price is $654,400. Tested in March 2007 by Guinness World Records, The SSC Ultimate Aero was the fastest car in the world from March 2007 to July 2010. On March 2011, the Koenigsegg Agera R also surpassed it, forcing this American made car to the #3 spot.

Saleen S7 Twin-Turbo

4. Saleen S7 Twin-Turbo: 248 mph, 0-60 in 3.2 secs. Twin Turbo All Aluminum V8 Engine with 750 hp, base price is $555,000. Smooth and bad-ass. It will make you want to show it off non-stop.

Koenigsegg CCX

5. Koenigsegg CCX: 245 mph, 0-60 in 3.2 secs. 90 Degree V8 Engine 806 hp, base price is $545,568. Made in Sweden, it is the older brother of the Agera R, only losing to 4 other supercars in the world.

McLaren F1:

6. McLaren F1: 240 mph, 0-60 in 3.2 secs. BMW S70/2 60 Degree V12 Engine with 627 hp, base price is $970,000. The fastest car in the 20th century with doors that looks like bat wings. Maybe Batman needs to order one and paint it black

Gumpert Apollo

7. Gumpert Apollo: 224 mph, 0-60 in 3.0 secs, 4.2 liter V8 Engine that houses 650 hp. Base price: $450,000. Gumpert claims that the Apollo was designed such that it could drive upside-down in a tunnel with speeds at 190 mph or above. Of course, no one has tested this yet.

Noble M600

8. Noble M600: 223 mph, 0-60 in 3.7 secs. Twin-turbocharged 4.4-liter V8 Engine with 650 hp. Base price is $330,000. The Noble M600 also happens to be a very cool car. Its inconspicuous design sports a slender and contoured body which does not scream out for attention at every second of the day.

Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster

9. Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster: 217 mph, 0-60 in 3.4 secs. Twin turbocharged AMG V12 engine that produces 678 hp. Base price is $1,850,000. The Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster is a limited-edition, with five ever produced. It is the quintessential exotic and exclusive supercar.

Ferrari Enzo

9. Ferrari Enzo: 217 mph, 0-60 in 3.4 secs. F140 Aluminum V12 Engine with 660 hp, base price is $670,000. Only 399 were ever produced; the price goes up every time someone crashes.

Jaguar XJ220

9. Jaguar XJ220: 217 mph, 0-60 in 3.8 secs. Twin Turbo V6 Engine with 542 hp, base price was $650,000. Made in 1992, this car still has what it takes to make the list.

Ascari A10

10. Ascari A10: 215 mph, 0-60 in 2.8 secs. 5.0 litre BMW V8 S62 Engine with 625 hp. Base price: $650,000. The company planned to produce 50 of these supercars at its factory in Banbury, England.

Pagani Zonda F

10. Pagani Zonda F: 215 mph, 0-60 in 3.5 secs. Mercedes Benz M180 V12 Engine with 650 hp, base price is $667,321. With a V12 motor, this baby can do much better.

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What’s Your Number (2011) R5 LiNE MKV

whatsyournumber Whats Your Number (2011) R5 LiNE MKV
What’s Your Number (2011) R5 LiNE MKV | 434 MB
infoTG Whats Your Number (2011) R5 LiNE MKV
Plot: Ally is a woman who has many ex-boyfriends who turned out to be losers. Now she believes that she can’t find a good guy. But when she runs into one of her exes who is now a ‘Prince Charming’, she decides to look up all of her exes to see if any of them have changed for the better. And when she has trouble locating them, she asks her neighbor Colin, who sleeps with women every night and sneaks out the morning after to avoid talking to them, to help her.
Genre: Comedy | Romance 
Language: English
Subtitle: None
Source: Whats Your Number 2011 R5 XviD-FUSiON 
screenshotTG Whats Your Number (2011) R5 LiNE MKV
Whats%2BYour%2BNumber%2B2011%2BR5%2Bx264 TeamGempak Whats Your Number (2011) R5 LiNE MKV
download Whats Your Number (2011) R5 LiNE MKV
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Margin Call (2011) R5 LiNE MKV

margincall Margin Call (2011) R5 LiNE MKV
Margin Call (2011) R5 LiNE MKV | 409 MB
infoTG Margin Call (2011) R5 LiNE MKV
Plot: A thriller that revolves around the key people at a investment bank over a 24-hour period during the early stages of the financial crisis.
Genre: Thriller 
Language: English
Subtitle: None
Source: Margin Call 2011 R5 DVDRip XVID AC3-5.1 HQ Hive-CM8 
screenshotTG Margin Call (2011) R5 LiNE MKV
Margin%2BCall%2B2011%2BR5%2BDVDRip%2Bx264 TeamGempak Margin Call (2011) R5 LiNE MKV
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Ghastly (2011) (Korea) DVDRiP MKV

ghastly Ghastly (2011) (Korea) DVDRiP MKV
Ghastly (2011) (Korea) DVDRiP MKV | 330 MB
infoTG Ghastly (2011) (Korea) DVDRiP MKV
iMDB: Not Available 
Plot: Each summer, Koreans are chilled to the spine by the flood of horror movies that hit the box office. In this year’s lineup, there is “Ghastly.”
It all begins when Ka-hee (Hwang Ji-hyeon), an emotionally and psychologically damaged woman, finds a spirit medium to help her address her troubles. Her inability to give birth to a child had long tortured her, and now she will do anything to cheat that fate.
She ends up burying an orphan in a large traditional pot used to burry kimchi underground during the winter and killing him. What she gains for this merciless act is a child of her own. Ka-hee eventually gives birth to a son she names Bin, but Ka-hee soon meets a brutal death.
The film continues as Bin’s aunt Sunny (Han Eun-jeong) and her husband Jang-hwan (Park Seong-min) come to live with the now orphaned Bin in his home, which is haunted and where the pot still is. Bin also starts to reveal his violent side.
“Ghastly” is the directorial debut of Ko Suk-jin. The film also features Hyomin, a member of girl group T-ara, who plays the role of Sunny’s younger sister.
Genre: Horror 
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English Subtitle Hardsubbed 
screenshotTG Ghastly (2011) (Korea) DVDRiP MKV
Ghastly%2B2011%2BDVDRip%2Bx264 TeamGempak Ghastly (2011) (Korea) DVDRiP MKV
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