Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bambu withdraws cosign for Mondega over his opinion of Troy Davis

Mondega & Bambu

Wednesday night's execution of Troy Davis via lethal injection has left everyone in the United States divided.  Some believe that Troy Davis was guilty as charged for murdering an off-duty police officer.  Others believe that Davis was an innocent man and he, being black was a victim of racial profiling.

This blog post isn't a rant on whether Troy Davis was guilty or not guilty or whether the American judicial system is prejudiced against blacks.   This post is about how two different opinions concerning Troy Davis created a rift between two Asian American rappers Mondega and Bambu who had previously collaborated together on Mondega's Music for the People back in April.

Here's how it went down.
Wednesday night, Mondega (@pelemekong) tweeted about his personal thoughts regarding the case:

    i think troy davis is guilty

    casey anthony was PROVEN not guilty, troy             davis wont.

    they tried to make it a race issue, but it's NOT!         his first conviction had more black jurors than         whites.

    nah, i ain't falling for the sad picture with the            glasses on.

    if he goes through several trials with the best attorneys, different jurors and they all find him guilty, obviously there's enough evidence.

While at the same time Mondega was tweeting, Bambu (@BambuDePistola) too was tweeting.  But Bambu was tweeting about the injustice he sees:

    I think 7 of 9 people taking back their                     testimony and admitting to being intimidated by     police is reasonable doubt. #TROYDAVIS

    Just got off stage to finally read the news about #TROYDAVIS. Rest in Power.

    These are delayed Tweets, so let me speak on my feelings now: Our struggle continues and the ammunition is under our noses. #TROYDAVIS

    There is a problem with a system that "police" the world for peace and lead that same world in the rate of murdering its own. #TROYDAVIS

Upon reading Mondega's tweets Bambu tweeted to Mondega:

    @pelemekong Sorry, brother, but I instantly regret working with you. I withdraw whatever cosign I may have given you.

    @pelemekong I'm open to talking to you about it offline, but I had to state that publicly, I can't support you and that's unfortunate.

    @pelemekong How can you say its Music For The People when you're embracing a system that works AGAINST the people?!

Ouch.  Mondega tweeted (responded) with:

    look man, i think dude had more than a fair trial, and damn, they found him guilty. i mean,what more can you say about it?

    i respect everyone's point of view. i believe we are a PEOPLE, not a system or politcal party

To which Bambu replied:

    @pelemekong Only you and republicans feel that way! You trust this judical system?

Mondega trying squash things respectfully and peacefully:

    @BambuDePistola despite what you say and rap about, I've always respected you, but i got my own opinions too

    @BambuDePistola what you said to me awhile ago was beyond fucked up, but it's all good. i still got mad love for you and ya music. peace,

Bambu back at it again, coming with that heat:

    @pelemekong Nah, what you said on Twitter was fucked up.  Our whole community is working for this and you inject with that?!

    @pelemekong I'm in disbelief! Don't you see PEOPLE screaming for this and you jump in with that?!?!

    @pelemekong You literally said, "I think Troy Davis is guilty!" Where are you getting your news from? Fox?


    @BambuDePistola be eazy,i ain't no lil kid who gon believe sky is red just cause everyone says it.


    @pelemekong Didn't nobody call you a little kid! I said I (me) don't respect that opinion and makes me regret working with you.


Bambu as a rapper, is on OG status.  Whatever he says has a 'ring of truth' around it and what he said on Twitter may have the potential to seriously hurt Mondega's rap career.  But then again artistically, I think Mondega is a very talented rap artist.  He's one of the better Asian American rappers, with conscious leanings for that matter.  There is a lot of depth, thought and emotion in his rhymes in every song he releases. 

Man, I honestly don't have any answers.  Just questions.  Was Mondega foolish to tweet his opinions about such a controversial issue?  Did Bambu's Twitter comments take things a little too far?  Does Mondega really need Bambu's co-sign to be something in this rap game?  Only time will tell...

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