Friday, October 14, 2011


Hey members,
I'm gonna show you how to get unlimited real visitors to your website.
Really simple and easy, with few steps you can get unlimited visitors.

Before we start there's a little proof:
[Image: unledxtm.png]

[Image: asdin.png]

Yeah I started using this website like 1 hour ago and as you can see I got awesome results.

Step 1) Register here.
Step 2) Click on Earn Traffic.
Step 3) Leave it open all the time.
Step 4) Click on My Sites.
Step 5) Submit your website.
Step 6) That's all.

Speeding up the process!

Always check at the top at the left side. Sometimes you get bonus link, you just need to click it and you get minutes. Always It's random Sometimes its 2min, sometimes its 3 sometimes 5 Smile

[Image: unleddmx.png]

Q: How do I earn traffic?
A: Earning traffic is simple!

You earn traffic by clicking on the Earn Traffic link in the members area and keeping it open as long as possible.

You will be shown the sites of other members, just like other members will see your sites! By viewing their sites, you will earn "minutes".

If you are a regular member, you can earn traffic at a maximum rate of 60%. It means that you get back 60% of the time you keep the "Earn Traffic" link open. For example: If you keep it open for 5 hours, you will earn 60% * 5 hours = 3 hours = 180 minutes. The 180 minutes you earned is automatically used by our system to show your sites to other members for a total of 3 hours (180 minutes).

Don't forget that you can earn up to 110% of the time you surf instead of only 60% - all you need to do is become a Partner of TrafficSpammer by upgrading your account

You also earn traffic from your referrals. Partners of TrafficSpammer earn 50% of the traffic their referrals earn. The person who referred you would earn 50% * 3 hours = 1.5 hours of traffic from you (view the example above).

The easiest way to get massive amounts of traffic is to buy minutes from TrafficSpammer - no need for any surfing! We have cheap packages available at all times and remember not to miss the occasional super specials we have!

Q: How do I earn money?
A: Earning money is simple!

You need to refer your friends to TrafficSpammer. You can do that by giving them your referral link which you can find in the members' area by clicking on Earn Money

If any of your referrals buys something from us, you will earn a percentage of the sale. Upgraded members earn up to 50% of the sale value. For example: One of your referrals buys 100 000 minutes for € 25.96; You would earn 50% * € 25.96 = € 12.98 from that sale (If you are a Partner). The money will be immediately added to your account's cash balance and you will receive an e-mail notifying you about the money earned.

You can withdraw the cash once you have € 5 or more in your account. A link called "Withdraw" will appear next to your cash balance and you will be asked for your PayPal e-mail address. We will send the money to you in 2 working days.

Each month we pay out hundreds of Euros (€) in cash commissions! Start referring and grab your share now!

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