Sunday, October 16, 2011

Photographer Large-Format Camera

Photographer Large-Format Camera
That’s why each and every budding photographer lusts over an SLR. One guy’s taking things towards the next level by building his personal large-format camera. Darren Samuelson, a San Francisco-based photographer, built a great large camera. Appropriately enough, he documented the procedure on the weblog known as Darren’s Fantastic Big Digital camera. It looks like some thing you’d see in an previous movie, exactly where the photographer would tell the people he was creating portrait of to “watch the birdie” and would really have a birdie connected.
This digital camera requires photos on actual movie, which for individuals born following the ’90s was some thing that photographers would pray the did not accidentally expose while unloading it. Darren utilizes 14 inches by 36 inches X-Ray movie, because it actually offers the big dimension needed to take these large photos, as well as it is less expensive at that dimension than regular photographic film. “For ten sheets with the movie I usually shoot with, I could get about 125 sheets with the x-ray movie,” Samuelson stated on his blog.

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