Saturday, December 10, 2011

Kamikazee - Romantiko (2011 Album)

Romantico, the fourth studio album from the Filipino rock band, Kamikazee. It has 14 tracks and released under Universal Records in March 2012. An 8-track promotional CD was released on 14 of October 2011

Track listing

All songs written by Kamikazee except "If You're Not Here" written by Menudo and "Tamis" written by ConcreteSam.
Main CD
1."Halik"  3:41
2."T.N.T."  1:39
3."Tamis"  3:45
4."Tagpuan"  4:15
5."Sana"  3:32
6."Sobrang Lungkot"  0:20
7."Kislap"  3:44
8."Wo-Oh"  3:07
9."If You're Not Here" (Featuring Chris Padilla of Hilera and Steve Badiola of Typecast)4:26
10."Paano"  4:27
11."Huling Sayaw(Featuring Kyla)4:55
12."Halik (Acoustic Version)" (hidden track)3:58
13."Tagpuan (Acoustic Version)" (hidden track)4:18
14."Huling Sayaw (Acoustic Version)" (hidden track)4:20
Total length:

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