Saturday, December 10, 2011

The MATH of my LIFE

The percentage of your love is hard to simplify,
The rates of your mind is quite easy to justify,
In your monomial smile and in your binomial impressions
You've made me a product of your polynomial expressions

As i see you passing by,
I started wondering why
If we are proportional
or just irrational?

Can we replace the value of your "X"
Without questining "Y" ?
Is this what we call Pythagorian Relation?
Is it love or just Infatuation?
Only your exceptional calculations
Can graph this integral assumptions.

Your circumference is squaring me a lot,
Because you're here in my exponential heart
And because You are the MATH of my LIFE
Can I have you INDEFINITELY for Life?
I just hope somehow, someday
We can share the Square Root of Love profitably ♥

Credits to Insein12

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