Saturday, December 10, 2011

Pupil - Limiters of the Infinity Pool (2011)

After two successful collections, Beautiful Machines (2005) and Wildlife (2007), Limiters of the Infinity Pool began taking life in the early part of 2010. Coming three years after the award-winning Wildlife, it represents the longest gap between albums in the group’s career. Pre-production alone took nine whole months, a process which involved trading and emailing song ideas and demos on every imaginable medium, from pen and ink to DAWs (digital audio workstations). The best ideas then entered the group dynamic, as they built up the songs together through countless jamming sessions at Ely’s house – interrupted only by impromptu PS3 tournaments and pochero dinners courtesy of Wendell. Lead guitarist Yan Yuzon pretty much wrote his contribution on the spot during the recording sessions. Wendell Garcia, the least “techie” guy in the group, recorded his contributions on his cellphone. These and other moments of musical play and creativity characterise the album, which began taking shape at Wombworks Studio, with long-time sound-man Pat Tirano handling engineering and co-producing duties, taking the role of “Limiter” to the group’s “Infinity Pool” of ideas.


1. Let Her Rip
2. Distortion
3. Tnt
4. 20/20
5. Pikit Bukas
6. Pusakal
7. Pampalakas
8. One Two
9. Obese
10. Deft Mechanic
11. Morning Gift
12. The Low End


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