Monday, December 5, 2011

Then and There

When my world of drowning blue
Was turned into a colorful hue
The moment I saw you
Cupid gave me the cue.

I hiked the mountains
And braved the needles of rain
Overcame the pains
So just you, I must attain.

I conquered all odds
With your smile as my rod
Until you gave me your magical words
That made me prod.

Every time I was with you
A different world you shew
I realized then it was true
Was madly in loved with you.

We shared moments of bliss
Specially whenever you gave me a kiss
And because you were such a tease
Turning me unease.

But everything came to halt
When things turned trash from a colorful art
As the truth came out
You were a beast inside.

The warmth died like a broken hearth
The romantic scent became a foul smelling fart
The flawless love was filled with warts
I know then, we needed to part.
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