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What is Townian
Townian  is a web browser game where you play with other real players around the world.You start with as a ruler of a small town and start expanding it to a kingdom.It was officially launched in March 11,2012

  • Start your own small village.
  • Build your buildings, grow your economy.
  • Train armies and defend your town/s.
  • Build new towns and conquer other towns.
Can i earn real money while playing this game?
 Answer : YES

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How Can I earn real money playing this games?
Exchange your gathered resources into REAL money. Exchange your gathered resources into REAL money.

Referral Earnings: Earn 20% of your referral earnings.
Minimum payout:
Standard members: only $5 via Paypal 24-72 hours after request
Premium members($5/month): only $2 via Paypal 24-72 hours after request

Advantages of being a premium member?
  1. Lower payout only $2 via Paypal 
  2. Can exchange all resources(Food,Iron,Stone,Wood @ Gold) to real money
 Notice: Non-premium members can ONLY exchange gold resources into real money, to enable to exchange all resources you must UPGRADE your account to premium OR build a market and exchange your other resources to gold via NPC or TRADE with other players
What are the technical requirements for playing Townian?
Townian is available online and does not require any downloads. To get the full benefit of eRepublik all you need is an Internet connection.

How many accounts can I open?
A single user can create/administrate a single Townian account.

Game Play:

A. Faction(You need to choose one during the registration process)
Townians is the balanced faction 
Elevens is oriented towards economy 
Republicans towards warfare

Each has it's advantages and disadvantages, which makes them quite balanced in the overall picture. Choose the one most suitable to your character.

B. Buildings: 
Note: Upgrading is necessary to increase production,upkeep,capability and benefits. In order to build them you make sure that you have the enough ingredient(right amount of resources) to build them.

Grain Mill
At the grain mill farms are created and upgraded. Farms produce crop.

Lumber Mill
At the lumber mill forests are managed. Forests produce lumber.

Stone Mason
At the stone mason quaries are created and upgraded. Quaries produce stone.

Iron Foundry
At the iron foundry ore sites are created and upgraded. Ore sites produce iron

The granary stores crop.

The warehouse stores lumber, stone and iron.

The cache stores certain amounts of resources, protecting them from enemy raids.

Town Hall
At the town hall you can build other structures and set taxes. The higher the level the faster constructions are completed and the bigger your vault will be.

Here you provide living quarters for your population.(Need to upgrade to keep your upkeep positive)

The embassy allows you to create alliances with other players.(You need to build this before making alliances to other players)

Market Place
The marketplace allows you to trade resources and/or weapons with other players. The higher the level the more you can trade at a time.

The cathedral boosts the morale of the town folk.

The higher the level the faster the ships are built

The wall is a defensive structure. It boosts the defensive capabilities of the town in case of attack.

The outpost is an offensive structure. It boosts the offensive capabilities of the town in case of attack.

At the barracks troops can be trained. The higher the level the faster the troops are trained.

At the academy you can upgrade the maximum hit points of your army.

At the blacksmith you can upgrade the weapons & armor of your units.

Here you can create weapons needed for your troops. The higher the level the faster the weapons are forged.

Horse Pens

At the horse pens you can breed horses needed for your mounted troops. The higher the level the faster the horses are bred.

Siege shop
At the siege shop you can build siege weapons. The higher the level the faster the siege weapons are done.

Military Storage
Here weapons are stored.

C. Troops

The spearman is the basic military unit. Requirements: Spear, Chain armor.

The swordsman is the most common military unit. Requirements: Short sword, Chain armor, Shield.

Elite Swordsman
The elite swordsman is the most versatile infantry unit. Requirements: Long sword, Plate armor, Shield.

The bowman is a good offensive unit, though he lacks defensive capabilities. Requirements: Bow, Leather armor.

The crossbowman is good at both offense and defense. Requirements: Crossbow, Chain armor.

The knight is the best cavalry unit. Requirements: Long sword, Plate armor, Shield, Horse.

The ranger is a mounted bowman. Requirements: Bow, Leather armor, Horse.

Battering ram
The battering is a versatile siege weapon. Requirements: none.

The catapult is a siege weapon. Requirements: none.

The warship is a powerful unit that protects your port, or attacks enemy ports. Requirements: 12 cannon.

Transport ship
Transport ships are used at sea attacks, or to reinforce an ally via water. Requirements: none.

Colonists build new towns. Requirements: Short sword, Leather armor.

Scouts are used to gather information about other towns. Requirements: Short swords, Leather armor, Horse.

D. Conquering a Town


How to conquer a town?

  • Send more than 100 colonist in a town
  • Use "attack" as attack type
  • Send "transportation ship along with the colonist for faster troops movement
  • Send "spearman or swordsman" as backup to your colonist

Colonist will have the main role in conquering a town. If you have 100 or more colonist survived in an attack, then you wins, you captured the town. That's it!

How to prevent being conquered?
  • Build your town's wall
  • Train units specially swordsman and crossbow
  • Upgrade your troop's defense at the "Blacksmith"

A good defense is the key.

NOTE: If your town is conquered, you will have any access to it anymore, BUT you can still claim it back by conquering it again, just rebuild your town again and resback(try to get it back through war)..
E. Attacking
You cannot attack a town that has only 50 population below. This is to protect them from being raid and conquered.
  • You cannot attack players that has only 1 village using SIEGE ENGINEs.
  • Using a "transportation ship" in an attack will boost your troops speed. Means instead of 1hr, they will only arrive in just 20 minutes.

F. Buying and selling resources
Current Selling price in the Money Market:

Current Buying price in the Money Market exclusively for premium members:
Note: $2 minimum deposit from your payment processor is allowed.
First Step to Townian:
A town's essential basic needs are food and house. In order to survive and make your town grows you need to prioritize this 2 needs.

So your first step is to build your:
Grain Mill to level 1
Hut level 1

Grain Mill produce foods for your people to survive and grow, and hut for them to have a shelter.

You might not be able to build new buildings or train new armies if you dont have enough food and shelter.

Continue building:

Lumber Mill, Stone Mason, Iron Foundry - these is needed to have a supply of Wood, Stone, and Iron which is necessary in building and upgrading all building, and generating troops.

Now we are through with the resources.

Next is to produce "Gold".

All you have to do is to "Set the Taxes" in the Town Hall. This will get taxes from your population according to its value, be attentive in setting the tax that it will affect the Morale of your Town, where in the production will be affected.

After this, you can now build building for troops production.

First, you have to Build a Military Storage, where weapon and armors are being kept.
Then Weapon and Armor Shop, to forge or produce weapons and armors.
Next is Academy and Blacksmith, where you will upgrade skills of specific infantry, cavalry, and other troops.
Then, you can now build a barracks.

Note: You can  earn gold by setting the taxes higher

For setting the taxes:
1. Go to your townhall
2. Click on the "Set Taxes"
3. As you observe, "Current morale: 100. Mouse pointer over the "gold production"=0/h
4. Then put a percentage value to set taxes: recommended=50
4. Now your Current Morale is 50. Gold Production now increased according in your population... because your population is the one paying taxes...