Tuesday, March 20, 2012

PhotoPerfect 3.20 Build 19


Achieve professional results with this advanced photo-editing tool.

Discover the true potential of your photos with PhotoPerfect, the photo-editing tool that combines the power of professional photo-editing tools with the simplicity of one-click image optimizations.

PhotoPerfect will give both professional photographers and photo enthusiasts the power to create the best possible images. The one-click optimization feature uses Xe847, the first-of-its-kind filter technology, to produce digital photos as perceived by the human eye.

This automatic optimization technology reduces color-shifts from ambient light or bad camera white balance, corrects contrast, brightness, gamma and gradation curves, applies global and selective color corrections, and makes blue sky, foliage and skin-tones look more natural.

Preview the results and toggle easily between the original photo and the optimized photo. Select the image you like best and click on "execute" to view your fully optimized photo in full screen mode. With the one click feature you'll achieve results so good your pictures may need no further enhancement.

To further refine your photos, PhotoPerfect includes a rich functionality and a range of features that let you explore your photos' full potential. With advanced photo-editing tools at your fingertips, like exposure correction, selective color saturation, framing, there's no limit to what you can accomplish.

While other photo-editing products offer a confusing plethora of graphic design and imaging features, PhotoPerfect is a sophisticated tool designed specifically for photographers.

Here are some key features of "PhotoPerfect":

Automatic image enhancement:
· Fully automized one click image optimization with the included algorithm Xe847
· Even further enhanced automatic image optimization with the optional plugins i²e, Xe847 ProPlus or Perfectly Clear (including automatic detection & removal of red eye effects)

Essential image enhancement functions:
· Brightness and contrast correction
· Correction of flash effects, backlight effects and shadow brightening
· Remove red eye effects
· Saturation setting (also selective)
· Comprehensive histogram correction facilities
· Perform retrospective white balance
· Color balance, color temperature, stepless channel switch
· Noise suppression / Color noise suppression

Advanced image enhancement functions:
· Various advanced softening and sharpening tools (USM)
· Lab curves for editing images in Lab color space
· Band filter for removal of symmetrical distortion
· 16 bit support for RAW and TIFF files
· Import and edit RAW files
· Merging with Dynamic Range Increase (DRI)
· Remove color casts using multi-stage gray balance technique
· Comprehensive masking functions
· Color vibrance for selectively tweaking the saturation of over- or under saturated areas
· Brightness gradient
· Intelligent retouching function with repair and remove brushes
· MonochromiX extension for advanced black & white (grayscale) conversion
· Color management for monitor display and output on various devices
· 'Replace masked area': insert masked image area from original image
· Generate, edit and save Exif and IPTC data

Optical correction features:
· Automatic pincushion reduction
· Correct converging lines
· Reduce vignetting
· Superb Shift correction
· Remove hot pixels and stuck pixels

Reshaping, manipulating, and resizing:
· Cut images to predefined or custom formats
· Improved interpolation with scaling, rotating and masking (Resizing an image will create results superior to leading digital imaging applications)
· Enlarge or reduce images using various techniques
· Retouching (free drawing, cloning, shading etc.)
· Insert logo, date and text
· Lossless rotation and cropping
· Measure and mark image content

· Print pages from pre-defined templates
· Print several images on one page
· Print index pages
· Print poster or panorama view over several pages
· Date insertion
· Save print drafts for further use
· Series print

Configurability and expandability:
· Savable window and key combination profiles
· Integrated scripting engine for VB- und JScripts
· Native scripting language PPScript with more than 250 commands
· Improved support for Photoshop compatible plugins
· Macro functionality
· Custom keyboard assignments
· Customer specific extensions
· Photo formats and plugins in processing resources
· Optimized support for external print services
· Configurable multi-dialog for creating custom workflows
· Measurements in either inches or cm

File functions:
· Send images by email directly from PhotoPerfect
· Image conversion into various formats
· Integrated, fast image viewer
· New, scriptable batch processing
· Trigger script upon saving of image
· Create image lists (can also administer image lists on web server)
· Transfer images from digital or video cameras, scanners or card readers to the PC
· File groups for better file handling
· Exif overview data in status line

Addtional features:
· Integrated framing tool
· Generate mosaic images
· Create stereo images
· Slide show (under XP direct to CD)
· Direct execution of external image viewers and editors
· GPS support
· GPS track import via external script
· Import GPS data from a NMEA tracklist
· Save GPS information and import/export as Google Earth file
· Support for dual core processors
· Optimization for 16 bit (LCD) displays

· Intel Pentium 4
· 256 MB RAM

What's New in This Release:

· Expanded colormanagement with selectable printer ICC profiles for printing, embedded profiles in JPEG + 24-bit-TIF files, automatic color profile recognition using Exif data and automatic support of monitor profiles to ensure color viewing accurracy when using 2 or more monitors
· Better integration in Windows 7
· Even faster acceleration
· New dcraw version (9.06) implemented, which supports latest cameras
· Updated versions of one-click-optimization extensions implemented
· New mode 'Optimized anaglyphe' added for 3D-stereo
· New "Edit - Hybrid image editing" option, also available for batch processing
· Additional scripting support
· And many smaller improvements "under the hood".

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Image Editing Examples

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Cross processing

Change picture's mood

Brighten shadows

Framing with MFDL

Add depth of field

Remove red-eye effect


Correcting distortions

Improve incorrect exposure

Gray balance

Raw conversion

Colorkey with masking

Removing objects

Retouching blemishes

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